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Infrared Oil Spectrophotometer

Infrared Spectrometer TJ270-30A/B

Infrared Spectrometer TJ270-30A/B

 TJ270-30A TJ270-30B Infrared Spectrometer  


Product Description


TJ270-30A is a new improved model from the base of TJ270-30 developed by our company, easy to operate and the software is convenient.

TJ270-30A with perfect ability, widely used in oil industry, chemistry, medicine, circumstance protection, university, laboratory and other field need material analysis. Its helpful and indispensable instrument for science research, production and school education.


TJ270-30B is updated type from TJ270-30A, its scanning speed is about 30% faster than TJ270-30A


Data processing ability


Spectrum background baseline memory;

Background baseline calibrate;

Data smoothing process;

Data infinitesimal;

Calculus baseline incline calibrate;

Data cumulation process %T

and ABS transition;

Peak values seek;

Scale extension;

Absorption extension.


1 waves sphere  
2 transmittance sphere 4000cm-1~400cm-1(2.5µ~25µ)
3 absorbance sphere 0~100% (extend sphere -400%~400%)
4 extend sphere of waves scale 0-1A (extend sphere -4~4A)
5 extend sphere of transmittance any values in 4000cm-1~400cm-1
6 extend sphere of single beam any values in -400%~400%
7 scanning time of all spectrums 2.5m~25m (response is "normal")
8 slit program five classes (i.e. very wide, wide, normal, narrow, and very narrow)
9 size of host 800mm*610mm*300mm
10 weight 80kg
11 power source AC 200V+/-10%, 50+/-1Hz
12 work power 200W




1. Imported superior material keeps the precision and stability

2. Excellent reliability and environmental adaptation

3. High quality TGS receptor

4. Equipped high power dual blazed grating cover whole waves

5. Appling computer direct proportion record method

6. Data transit with PC by USB cable


Standard Infrared spectrum of polystyrene film





Wave range Wave range Distinguish ability Transmissivity accuracy
4000-400cm-1 ܡ4cm-1(4000-2000cm-1) 1.5cm-1(around 1000cm-1) ܡ0.2%T
(excluding level noise)
Io glancing flatness Stray light Test model Scanning speed
ܡ2%T ܡ0.5%T(4000-650cm-1) Three model Five options (very fast, fast, normal, slow, very slow)
ܡ1%T(650-400cm-1) (transmissivity, absorption, single light)
Gap program Response Work model Extension of X,Y axis
Five options (very wide, wide, normal, narrow, very narrow) Very fast, fast, normal, slow Continuous, repeated, regular wave All


 Picture of Accessories of IR spectrophotometer








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