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Non-destructive Testing

HT-1000 High Strength Test Hammer

HT-1000 High Strength Test Hammer

 High Strength Test Hammer HT-1000 



The instrument is suitable for testing strength of tall building structure, bridge and concrete

component etc.



test range 50~80 Mpa
impact energy 9.8J (1kgf.m)
impact stroke 140mm
friction of slider 0.5~0.8N
calibration value on test anvil 83+/-2
dimension 486*D65mm
weight 3.5kg




1. Center rod use imported material, high precision and wear proof

2. Shell use super hard aluminums, protect instrument from damage on site work and prolong use life

3. Pointer slider is outside ring structure, easy to adjust friction, and assure equal

 friction between pointer slider and axis. And assure the precision of instrument,

compare with similar other brand product, its good precision, longer use life and

 better price.


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