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SV-D5T Headlight Tester (LED Display)

SV-D5T Headlight Tester (LED Display)

  SV-D5T Headlamp Tetser (LED Display) 


Product Description


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Main Feature


SV-D5T Manual-Headlight Tested adopt advanced optics system and make the distrabutor of light display on the screen for easy observation and adjust. It also can be used to test the headlight intensity and Light Floating (horizontal direction and Vertical direction)


Main Functions

1).Integral structure and easy to operate

2) LED display, intuitive convenient, accurate measurement

3) Online data transmission function, auto process and display the measurement result

4) Optional Match printer to print the test result!


Main technical parameters

1.Nominal range of use:

Temperature: 0-40C Relative humidity:

Power: AC220V10% 50HZ DC 6V (D type battery X 4)

2. Measurement range

Test content

Test range

Indication error

Distance light intensity



Optical axis deviation of distance light

vertical direction

up 233mm/dam-down 408mm/dam

44 mm/dam

Horizontal direction

left 408mm/dam -right 408mm/dam

44 mm/dam


3. Indicate range of headlight: 0.5-1.3m

4. Measuring distance: 1m

5. Packing size: 6205501450(LWH)mm

6. Weight: 28kg






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